python, curvepath and timeoffset

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Hi there

I just startet using python and now I have got a question:

I know how to change the LocX or Rotz of an object. But can you change the Timeoffset of a curvepath? Is there a list of all the possible things to change? This would really solve a problem.

thanks in advance


(theeth) #2

If you have the script called DocBrowser (by Zr and later enhancement by Strubi), you can browse the modules docstrings, hence getting to know the API better.


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Thank you Martin

I found a version of the script (sadly it crashes with winblender 2.23 when I want to check the object-section, blaming the python.dll). So I tried to get around with “print dir”. But I didn´t find any sign of how to control the values of a curve. Only the object-values are accessable and they appear to be the same as mesh values.

So I am still in need for a solution: Did anyone ever change a path-related value like Timeoffset with python?

Greetings to Canada


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there’s no Python access to TimeOffset sadly :frowning:


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:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: