Python developer or Serpens visual scripting expert

i’m using Serpens visual scripting to develop a personal add-on that can help me in some task.
I’m getting troubles and i’ve not always enough time to dedicate to so i’m looking for someone that can help me out.

The functions i’m developing regards to scan the scene looking for some specific of the objects, this is pretty done. Now i’ve to fix minor bugs, add few buttons to quickly fix some of the scanned things and add a button to switch to different shading for the viewport.

I would love to go ahead in the development using serpens if possible.
There’s not a real deadline.

Please write me if more informations are needed or if you can give a quick and rough estimation.
I don’t know how much can cost this to a python expert… for sure i’ve to stay on “some undreds of $” and i can’t spend more.

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