Python doesn't work at all

(Xtra) #1

Hi folks!

I’m using Linux (SuSE 7.2) and Python 2.0 but when I try to run a script in Blender, nothing happens. Python is definetly working - I can call it from the terminal. I know, that the mouse pointer must be in the script window, but it doesn’t matter. It does not work!!! Any hints?

Thanks & Regards,

(BgDM) #2

are you using the right version of python for the script? some scripts use earlier versions of python to work properly. you can install earlier versions along with the newest version too.


(Xtra) #3

But even when I not use the right version, I think there must something happen when I try to start a scrip. At least an error message should occur. But there’s nothing like this …


(harkyman) #4

Check your console window for error messages.

Do you have the Python path set correctly in Blender? Pull down the top window line to reveal all kinds of interesting setting buttons and selectors. One of them says Python. Set your path to your Python/lib directory.

(Xtra) #5

Thanks for your tip to open the console window. Now I can read an error message (but it doesn’t help anyway … :-? ) The message is: “Attribut Error: getCurrentScene” Maybe i should install a newer/older version. BTW: the script I try to start is the Blender to VL export script.