Python doesn't work for me in AlphaO

After downloading Python 2.6.4, unzipping it, then put it in the main folder for Blender 2.5 AO GraphicAll r24941, scripts don’t work. I then moved the Python folder to the .blend folder and they still don’t work. When I try to run any script, I get the error message, “Python script fail, look in the console for now.” The console seems to show some keystroke info, “Command History : Up/Down Arrow, etc.”

I am probably not doing something right. How can I make scripts work in AlphaO?

Personnally I have python installed in the default directory (C:\Python31) and scripts work fine, the ones that have been written for 2.5alpha0 of course.

Doesn’t blender 2.5 require python 3 ?


Python 3.1 to be specific.


I just installed Python 3.1.1 in the default directory, but the scripts which come with AO still don’t work. Do I need to tell Blender where Python is located? I don’t remember having to do so with 2.49b.