python download error window

I just downloaded Blender a few days ago and when I open it I get a second window (I am using windows XP) with the message;
“Compiled with Python version 2.4
‘importsite’ failed; use -v for traceback
checking for installed Python…No installed Python found.
Only built-in modules are available. Some scripts may not run.
Continuing happily.
build particles”
I’m a total newbie just going through my first tutorials. What does this mean and why, when I close out the message window, does the Blender program (which opens in a seperate window) also close? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On windoze both windows must be open (Blender and the black Console). The important part of that message says “Continuing Happily”. If you want to know more search this site for “traceback” and see what you get.


You just need to set up your Python path (if you have python installed already)
Look for the forum about PYTHONPATH101…

It is no longer needed to set paths on windows.

To get the best functionality from Blender, it is best to have the Python Program installed on your system also. As Blender tells you ‘compiled with python 2.4’ you can go to the Python web site and download & install Python 2.4.3 for your version of Blender. then the black box message will be:
Compiled with python 2.4
Checking for installed python… Got It!
There is no need to set paths as blender automatically finds installed python in your version of blender.

Blender is well worth the effort to learn, so explore enjoy and Happy Blending.