Python Driven Animation.

Hi, everyone.
I’ve got some questions about combination of phisic-sim+particles+python.


Running man, shooting guns. The most trouble is shells: how to make them behave phisically right?

Never stop trying.

That’s what I tried to do with them:
Making them behave like a particle, i.e. gravity, bounces lloks ugly, because it doesn’t affect rotation of shell.
Making them act like phisic body ( I used proxy object for faster simulation) excludes possibility of making multiple objects (tens or even hundreds). And I still don’t get how to give them initial velocity in this case.
As I have seen in some GE tutorials (i.e. gun that shoots balls, that are physics enabled) it is possible to implement such things. But how to make it NOT in GE?

The question.
To Py or not to Py? Is the only answer in making some python script driven animation? I mean making a script, that will add shells in needed position with initial velosity and parameters for fast physics baking?

My thought about this.
I can make a lot of shells in a hidden layer. They are binded to a gun via constraint. Then put them in visible layer one by one when I need them and disable their constraints.
But anyway this method needs too much handworking for animation of 100 shells.
The other way is inserting a new object in Scene using python. But I didn’t find any tuts for something like this.

Any thoughts are appriciated.