Python error w/ Blender 2.3.2

I can’t get python scripts working my copy of Blender 2.3.2

When I start blender from command line (in Windows XP Pro)
I get

‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback
Warning: could not determine argv[0] path
sys_init:warning - no sitedirs added from site module.

I am assuming this is the root of my python problems with blener 2.3.2. Any ideas of how I can fix this(I am very new to Blender)

I am using Python 2.3.3 in case that helps any

Blender requires Python 2.2.

Get 2.2.3, to be specific. It’s the preferred 2.2 distribution on,

I will install 2.2.3 tonight! Thanks for the help

that isn’t what the problem should be…2.2 worked just fine for me

Hopefully one of these days blender is going to be compatible with python 2.3 [!]

I don’t think there are plans for that

you could build it for 2.3 relatively easily though, just change one line in one of the makefiles iirc (or override the value with your own maybe?)

well anyway, I was working on a response to this post a while ago but it was lost

blender 2.26 and later (iirc) use python 2.2.x, so get python 2.2.3
blender 2.25 and earlier (for sure) use python 2.0.x

also, be sure to set your python path, there is a sticky thread in this forum that talks about how to do it (and why)

you can ignore this

I don’t think there are plans for that

Yes, there are plans for that, next release will (probably) need python 2.3.3 :slight_smile: