python:execute order - getExecutePriority() NEW LINK

hi Everybody!

I would like set with python execute order for Controllers
width getExecutePriority() function but i dont know how work this.

please help me!



I’m not sure what get/setExecutionPriority() do, their effects seem to be undocumented.

the input is undocumented, I’m too lazy to play with it to find out what it is though

it appears it is a at-runtime way to specify the order python controllers are executed in an object [possibly in the entire scene?]… I don’t know

well i made a .blend file and test it…

here is the link

the problem is that i dont know why get None
form getExecutePriority() function. :frowning:

Error 403 in the page.



the link work for me…
may just in my country get it.

I put the other server my site and here is the new link.

my site:

and the .blend file

please sign me back if it not work…