Python Exporter Scaling

I have created a blender exporter for my 3d file format in python. Everything worked great until i scaled my mesh. The exported vertices are same as they were before scaling. How can i get scaled vertices or at least the scaling factor of the object, so i could export it with scaling.

objs = Blender.Object.GetSelected()

for obj in objs:
	if obj.getType() == "Mesh":
		mesh = obj.getData(mesh=1)
		for vert in mesh.verts:
			out.write("v %f %f %f


Hi, have a look at this generic exporter
you can see what you do is similar to the content of the dump_mesh() function, if you scale your object inside edit mode (TAB) your vertices coordinates will be changed, but if you scale your object outside of edit mode there is a scale property that will handle this homothetic transformation, look in the dump_obj() function that dumps this “scale” property.