Python fail, but no message error

Hello did anyone have seen that:
info says Python script fail, look in console > in console, no error message … what does happen! Thanks: :point_left:

blender python does not show all errors!

may be you could try to add the debug features to get more info = True

happy bl

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hi! … will try this!! Thanks :point_left:

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If your are refering to the console inside Blender, it’s normal.
See more details I explained on this topic

See you ++

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Hi, and thanks 4 your feedbacks. The ’ window: toggle system console ’ is fine, my script error goes
ED_undo_push: Run script
fake module: addon is missing β€˜bl_info’ gives bad performance!: β€˜D:// …’

is there a python cache error or smthing? Bye :point_left: