Python for Beginners

Hello Peoples,
What is the best way to learn python scripting? I would like to buy a book on how, do you have any suggestions?
I would like to avoid doing it on the internet, because my time on it is precious, and a book i can take anywhere.
Any ideas?


There are lots of great python books out there, both for beginers and more advanced users. I just bought the Python Cookbook, and man there is some good stuff in there!

Anyway, here are some good ideas:
(prices from Amazon)

Python Essential Reference: David M. Beazly - 25$
A fairly good overview of the language covering nearly everything structured loosly like a tutorial. If you already are fairly good with programming, this is good to get you used to python.

Practical Python: Magnus Lie Hetland - 15$
For just starting out with the language, this book is really truly great. It has many fun projects in it, is fairly well written, and is a pretty good start to the language. It’s fun, but structurally not as good a reference as some of the other books, best read roughly in order.

Python Visual Quickstart Guide: Chris Fehly - 16$
I would personally recomend this one, I really like how it’s laid out, and it concisely gets to the heart of the language explaining complex programming terms in only 1 to 2 pages, with a layout that I find very well thought out.

Those are three that I have actually looked at, there are many more you could look at. Fortunately there are many good authors out there writing python books.

Good luck.