Python for blender help

Hello all, I already know python outside of blender, and I have been trying for a while to find a tutorial that assumes that you know python already so that I can learn the blender syntax (I guess you would call it that?). So if anyone knows of such a tutorial could they drop a link?

Thanks in advanced,

Nobody’s answering with a serious tutorial you’re looking for sooo… you’d better read the Blender Python help, re-read it & realise what you can do (and how) with Blender ojbects. re-read it again, generate an idea on something to inmelents, re-read the help again, etc… That’s the way I have learned Blender Python myself :wink:

If you allready know python all you need is this and lots of time, good don’t need to know it all just be prepared to look for a specific module/function.

I am also coming into Blender with reasonable experience in Python. I find that you can read the API but it does not really help to understand how to use Pyhon inside of Blender. Also, I find the implementation to be very unPythonic.


The API is nice for reference but, I need to know things like how to call upon blender within your script and the basics of like refreshing the screen and how to define the objects like a player character and how to interact with him in the script. Things like that are what I need to know. I am sure I will use the API After I learn this stuff but it doesn’t help me now.

I’ve been thinking about a book on this very topic, a textbook, university level…

Yeah, i agree totally. It is very hard to find good tutorials (not dictionary’s) of how to use blender’s custom python links (?).

When I got MS Office software for first time , I used it’s capability to record macros and than I would dig into these macros to learn just what I wanted. In this way software itself writes me “script” about my recent, specific, task. But since I am new to Blender and his Python, I did not yet figure out is Blender has that ability (recording macros in Python language). It would be helpful.

This is not possible in the current blender, however it is in blender 2.5+ :smiley:

Well, I have developed scripting abilities while investigating how certain actions are represented in EXCEL’s macro recording but it is not available in Blender so I used the method of reading, re-reading and practicing the API with simple tasks, them more complicated. I can admit that it’s a matter of certain analytical skills and imagination. One should be good in applying solutions in different environment and be good at math cause this method is almost 100% copying what the mathematicians are doing - knowing a solution of a simpler task, they apply this in a stage of solving a bigger task…