python for dummies

hi, ive tried a few different sites for just beginning python but i havent learned anything so far. i was whondering if anyone has some good tutorials “for dummies” i know theres actually a book out there called python for dummies (part of the “for dummies” series) but i dont think my local library would have it nor do i want to spend 45$
any help would be appreciated tahnks

See this thread.

This is a good intro
Dive Into Python

a down loadable book

Sometimes its useful to just get a simple script and look at it…:slight_smile:

How much of a programming background do you have ?
Once you have the basic concepts down it should not be hard to learn any language.
Python is object oriented and cryptic, so programs with classes defined can be confusing.
If you’re new to object oriented programming I would suggest starting with java to get the concepts down.

“” starting with java to get the concepts of programming down is a bad bad idea""

  1. You can lean the basics of Python without leaning or using classes.
  2. Python is NOT cryptic. Simplicity is what makes python different from other languages.
  3. Java is not a good first language.
  4. Object oriented programming in python is easy to lean.
  5. Their are people in this world who want lead into dead ends don’t let them.
    Dive Into Python

a down loadable book

thanks so very much for all the awesome tutorials. it still doesnt make much sense to me ive gone through about all the tutorials i can find and it sitll doesnt make sense to me =(