python full version ?

how do you tell 2.53 to use the full version of python 3.1.2
i check the files in user preferences but did not see any python path like in 2.49 ?


In blender 2.5x the python is already installed. It dosent need an external python to work. every code is already inside blender.

i tough this was just the minimum to run 2.5!

i already have installed the 3.1.2 version

but how to tell 2.5 to use it ?

also i got one old module from 2.49

blender.sys for timing

how can i call this module in 2.5 ?


Things are changing in 2.5x and Python is too. The modules used in 2.4x might not work now, you have to research.

timing is done by
from time import localtime,time # e.g.