Python Game Engine v 2.56 list bridging

Hello, I am running Blender 2.56 on windows 7 pro, and am working on a rather unorthodox solitaire game, the problem I’m running into is:

  1. I’d like to create a list via a python script run at the start of the program (amongst other things) and then
  2. I would like to modify this list by a different script run from the logic editor.

Unfortunately every time I attempt this the console informs me that the list is not in existence. The only way I see to get around this is to build a monster script that controls everything and have it import and run smaller scripts. An example of my situation…

** first script**

import bge
import random

from bge import render

Object names from scene (All cards in play)

Draw = [“HAce”, “HKing”, “HQueen”, “HJack”, “HTen”, “HNine”, “HEight”, “HSeven”, “HSix”, “HFive”, “HFour”, “HThree”, “HTwo”, “DAce”, “DKing”, “DQueen”, “DJack”, “DTen”, “DNine”, “DEight”, “DSeven”, “DSix”, “DFive”, “DFour”, “DThree”, “DTwo”, “SAce”, “SKing”, “SQueen”, “SJack”, “STen”, “SNine”, “SEight”, “SSeven”, “SSix”, “SFive”, “SFour”, “SThree”, “STwo”, “CAce”, “CKing”, “CQueen”, “CJack”, “CTen”, “CNine”, “CEight”, “CSeven”, “CSix”, “CFive”, “CFour”, “CThree”, “CTwo”]
Shuffle = random.shuffle

Move shuffled Deck to draw deck location.

for x in Draw:
objList[x].worldPosition = (0.085, 0.6, 0.002+.001*(Draw.index(x)))

I now wish to access this modified Draw list from a different script accessed by a button press on screen which will Hand.append[Draw.pop()] the last 5 items in the list into a Hand [] list and commence play… but I cannot access the Draw list. Even with a simple print(Draw) command… Any assitance in this would be helpful I have searched the forums for some time, but either the wording is off, or what I am trying to do is out of range.