Python game engines?

Hi there.

I just kinda finished learning python (Well I know it, but it’s still gonna take some time to learn to use it well), and am wondering if there are any good game engines for it. 2D or 3D doesn’t really matter, just something to help me get better, and stil have fun. Preferably something easy to use and learn for now. I have already tried Pygame, but have run into some problems. If someone is experienced with Pygame and may be able to help me with that, then I’ll continue with it, but otherwise I’m looking for some other engines.


wellllll, there is the BGE? blender game engine?
do you not know what that is?

and if you do, it sounds like you didn’t know it was bitten by python.

Oh ya I guess I forgot to mention that I get terrible framerate in the BGE. Its very inconsistent and watnot.

Moguri and Cyborg_ar have been working on cleaning up the API and making it more consistant, plus Campbell has been commiting speedups to the python logic, some of them major.

yeah, i guess your right, IAmThisGuy. i get a bad logic punishment for should-be-fast scripts.
and do you know c/c++ ? if you do you oughta help with the speedups. i’m going to, as soon
as i can get an unchanged copy of the blender source to compile.

No. Unfortunately I don’t know c/c++. If I did I would definitely try to help. So anyone know of any other game engines? Or can someone help me with Pygame? - 2d iso python engine

Go with pygame, its kinda wierd and the lack of good tutorials make it hard to learn. Just imagine it as a window with what you can do what you want to do in it.

Forgot the - they say its better than pygame.

Try Panda 3D

I agree with cwkoch, you should deffinatly try Panda 3D. They used it to make Pirates Online. Also it’s nice because you can use python and then embed C++ into the scripts for more advanced features. Hope this helped! Oh, and tell me if you have any luck with that.

Panda3d, If you need help let me know.

Ok I’m downloading Panda now. Can I just PM you if I need help?
Is there any sort of physics system for Panda3D?

The bad framerate on Windows as due to no optimizations used while building release. I have committed some days ago changes to our scons build system to ensure that BGE is always built with optimization for release. There is more than significant improvement in framerate.