Python - get the text into notepad?

(Abracsis) #1

when i write i python script i find it annoying that copy and paste does not seem to have been implemented in the python scripting window.

Therefore i’d like to use noepad to edit my script. I start it in notepad eventually import it. But i get alot of bugs.

I have good intentions and try to update my notepad file along with the script in blender, but eventually stop doing it.

Is there a way to get a script out of the .blend so i can edit in notepad as a.txt?


(inka) #2

Hi Abracsis!

Pressing SHIFT-ALT-F should do the job (Pops up the Filemenu for the TextWindow).

If you want to do scripting in an external editor, CTRL-R will be very useful, for it reloads the current text.


(gorgan_almi) #3

you can do copy and pasting in the script editor, but only betwwen different script windows not between different applications:

Copy: Alt+C
Paste: Alt+V