Python GUI Creator finished!!!

I finished the script I was writing to create GUI’s for Python scripts.

You can obtain it here:

However, me and my family are moving in a few days, and our server will no longer be active, so I would apprieciate it if someone would put this script in their webspace also, and post a link here. Thanks!

I hope you guys enjoy my script! Please post some feedback.


P.S. (Just thought, this probably should have been put under Python script development?)

Thanks for the contribution

I hate to see scripts dissappear so you got yourself a host.


Hi The_Nerd.

Cool script. Works great.

Thanks for sharing.

  • Satish.

Thanks MacBlender! You rock!

Also thanks to every one else for your comments.

Thanks to who ever moved this also, sorry to give you trouble! :smiley:

Neat GUI script you made! It definitly is a plus that it’s platform-independant…

It’s funny, I was just updating my windows-only script so that it could load and save projects. Then I come here and see your script and that it already has all that functionality :slight_smile: Good work!

Sooo… Can anyone help with mouse events? I know how to get the button events, is it possible to get the position to?

Mouse position events are MOUSEX & MOUSEY, the value is then the x or y coordinate. This reminds me of the very first script of this kind lcreated long ago by NikolaTesla20, back in the days of, called GUIwizard, it is even still online:
It might still be useful with a rewrite.


I knew RipSting’s was looking great but since I’m on a linux box, couldn’t enjoy it.

Now, can I suggest a couple of things ?

It would be nice to have an indicator that we are in Move/Scale modes or even disable add button until you leave the mode.
I added a second object while having the first seletec and in Move mode, and I couldn’t move/scale it until i got the first object out of Move mode.

Congratulations, your script rocks !

hey save it for your script, its pretty cool and’ll probably make the first BlODEd gui of mine.


Gui_creator lets Blender 2.33a and 2.34 crash.

Windows error window shows and says OPENGL32.dll error

Why is this happening!!!

It’s probably not this script’s fault or even Blender’s. Try downloading and installing the latest video drivers for your graphics card.

My system also crashes with this .py script. (all other seem fine…) But I just need to know what it does, as I mentioned in another thread, I need a script to render and sort frames for 2d game animations. Can this be set up to do this?

Neat script. It crashes my windows box. Might be an OpenGL driver issue with winXP. Anyways. I noticed the scripts are not up any more. I’ve mirrored it here:



Sorry for all the people that get crashes… I’ll see if I can find anything wrong. Well I am finally moved! So I think I will start working on the script again. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

Expect an updated GUI creator soon.


I havn’t read much of this thread, but. . .

As an important note: At least on Windows 2k, MOUSEX AND MOUSEY are NOT relative to the script window (they are relative to all of Blender)!! This means that they are USELESS, unless you
convert them, with the following lines of code:

#First the size of the window. . .
size= Buffer(GL_FLOAT, 4)
size= size.list
glGetFloatv(GL_SCISSOR_BOX, size) #THANKS TO Daniel Dunbar FOR THIS!!!
mousex = val - size[0]
mousey = val - size[1]

Hmm. . .you know, I wonder why that works. . .it does, I’ve tested it extensivly, but shouldn’t you need to know the script window’s x,y pos, not it’s size? Of course, I’m not even sure what GL_SCISSOR_BOX is. . .I got this from the doc browser script. . .


MOUSEX and MOUSEY are relative to the whole blender window on all OSes.

GL_SCISSOR_BOX returns a 4 float list, the first two are X, Y position of the context (window) and the last two are width and height.

Just a bad choice for the variable name.


No kidding.

By the way. . .uhh. . .why is MOUSX/Y this way? Anyone plan to fix it anytime soon? My computer’s (with its tuhopuu sourcebase) power supply just burnt out, so it’ll be a while before I’ll be able to do any Blender hacking.


What do you mean? x,y,w,h is the standard definition of a rectangular area.

rip: i think he meant the whole relative to all of blender thing.