Python GUI problem: '' property not found...

I know that if I want to put a, say, “energy slider” for a Lamp in a panel, I can write in the draw function of my Panel:

I have to generate at runtime a list of objects, in a Panel, providing for every object the “Physics Type” drop-down menù (STATIC, DYNAMIC, RIGID BODY, …); this is the .game.physics_type field, so I started writing:

for m in
                split.prop(bpy.context.scene.objects[str(m)], "game.physics_type")

but I get this error:

rna_uiItemR: property not found:

This method works well for “simple” properties but raises this kind of problem with game.physics_type…

Another “strange” point is that accessing .game.physics_type this way works when in a Console Window, in Blender; e.g.:

for m in = "DYNAMIC"

; the problem when trying to put this code in an Add-On.

Any suggestion/solution? — Thank you in advance!!

— Francesco

Did you make the propper includes? The console in blender mentions the includes automatically made (ops, props, utils, etc …) you need to put those on top of your file …

No need for includes. Just do .prop(bpy.context.scene.objects[str(m)].game, “physics_type”)

Thank you very much guys, Sjoerd’s solution fixed the problem :wink:

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This thread is solved!