Python Help please

i got a tutorial that gave me a python script exactly as follows…

own = cont.getOwner()
move = cont.getActuator(“move”)
speed = move.getDLoc()[1]

speed = speed + 0.001
move.setDLoc(0.0, speed, 0.0, 1)

and i named my actuator “move” also…and the pulse is on true always…
but when i run the script, the box does not move faster in the Y axis like it should, it does nothing, and the DOS window says “unsubscriptable object” or module not defined…and also, whenever i try to import GameLogic, it never works…any ideas what miniscule thing could fix these issues? any help is appreciated, thanks.

don’t run game engine scripts with alt+P

this is the wrong forum for game script questions

game engine scripts should be run in the game engine using a python controller [connected to the other controllers the script needs]