Python help PLEASE!

So I have Python installed on my C Drive… But, when I open Blender I get this:

To see where I put my Python it is here:

Blender is here:

So uh, why is it not being detected?

Someone please help… I need the scripts so I can place the models into the source engine.

see your 1st pic? see where it says python 2.5? you need the python 2.5 version. python is small and dosn’t take up much of your hdd and 3.X is the future of python but it works totally differently than python 2.5, the files aren’t backward compatible. you cant run 2.5 files on 3,0 and vice versa. just install python 2.5 and you’ll be fine. i wouldn’t delete or uninstal python 3.0, you can have both versions on the same machine just fine, and you may need 3.0 in the future. and you’ll already have it to start learning both versions.

short answer…download python 2.5, and 2.5.4 will work too. all versions after the second dot are compatible. and 2.6 wont work with blender yet either,

Thank you for the help.