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(kos) #1

ok…i have a problem with my script.when i want a print of the empty.LocX(for ex) it shows a huge number on the DOS window like 2.013456006009(say) which is too perfect.but i don’t want that.i just want to work with 3-4 place of decimal approximation which will be 2.013 here.does anybody know how to do it?another problem:i want to get the vertices which are selected to be recognised by the script…like —Object.GetSelected().is there any way to do this?

(theeth) #2

For your first problem, you can use the function called round.

# little example

import Blender

ob = Blender.Object.GetSelected()
if ob:
        print round(ob[0].LocX, 3)

which would return: 2.013 in your case.

the arguments for round are: the number to round, the number of decimals.

For your other question, I don’t think there’s a way to get the selected vertice, although I think you can get the selected face (Blender.NMesh.GetSelectedFaces) or something like that.