python help

hay everyone so I want to learn how to create basic movement in bge using python, I know there are lots of tutorials out there, but nun of them seems to work properly, knowing that I am using 2.78 so if there anyone who could help me please just replay what I want to achieve is simple, I want to create a 3rd person shorter basic movement, by adding 4 emptys and leting the character cube track them with motion while pressing a key, but only if the character cube ray is seeing the ground property which going to be ground so first thing is, how can I control a ray sensor and a keyboard sensor with only python, that’s means I only want an always and a python controler in the brackets, 2nd how can I control a motion and a track sensor on the character cube, and an.action actuwator with the play type on an armeture that’s parented to the character cube, I want this to be more like a tutorial thread, where I’ll ask other questions after I do this, also you need to know that I already did the 3ps movement but using simple game module, which it means I need to add physically brackets to the logic which makes things harder and complicated and even runs the game slower, you can see the character I made for this movement on my Facebook you for your time

You shoulf ask on the discussion forum. I m on phone so sorry for the bad writting. Check this

To just use it you’ll need to install the addon, once installed it’s easy, just use the api.

If you’ll rather learn how to do it without the addon, look at the addon source code on github. The github link is on the main page of the api docs. From there you’ll find it in the core/com folder of the library.

OK this is great, thanks for the link i thought of posting here because it’s says tutorials and tips but it’s my bad anyway :slight_smile: