Python ide in windows

Perhaps not the ideal place to ask, but I’m guessing a lot of you use Stani’s Python Editor here…

Normally I run Linux and use stani’s python editor.

The project I;m working on right now means I have to be in windows most of the time.

I really want to use SPE, but can’t find a windows installer… I can get the svn and as it’s python can probably just use that, but it won’t run… does it need an environment variable setting?

I download SPE from svn, store folder _spe it in site-packages folder (in my case C:\Program Files\Python25\Lib|site-packages) and SPE works fine…

you can also use pywin… not sure how up to date it is but for doing game scripts it works well

… Not working for me I’m afraid Ashsid.

I have python just installed on my c drive…
Are you running it from blender or standalone? If the later how are you running it (on linux I navigate to _spe folder in a console and type python
This doesn’t work on windows, double clickig on opens a console for about half a second and that’s it…

Kirado, I’ll look up pywin now!

Ooops, My problem was that I didn’t have wxpython installed!
Solved now