Python IDE

How much would you pay for a really good Python only IDE? TextMate is about 60 bucks and was nice as a text editor but I thought it was lacking too much as a total package, but it can parse a whole lot of different languages so that justify its price tag I thought.

Ideally I want a package that is easy to use, gives me flow control <grouping and debugging>, allows me to search for anything, flag the number of times a variable is used, fast text completion <sub one second>, create modules, and finally integrate into a local compiler and let me work with Cython out of box - even select a module and convert it to Cython if at all possible.

Maybe even offer virtual modules so you can author a blender module outside of blender using this IDE and once it works the way you like, test it in blender. Because lets face it, blender is a 3D package with a text editor built in - not an IDE.




man, we mods are not only fast, but also have superior verbal skills.


Eric. On KDE. 'nuff said. :wink:

A piece of paper and pen.

Works wonders!

Py + Eclipse, it cant get better than this and its free

I like Notepad++ for reading scripts.

I second Notepad++.

AFAIK, SPE is the only Python IDE that allows integration into Blender. This allows one to debug your Blender scripts in situ.

personally i like wing ide

This thread would be a lot more interesting if people actually mentioned why they prefer brand X over anything else. “Nuff said” isn’t really enough said.

SPE has a lot of features built in specifically for working with Blender, which is really cool. You can open the IDE from within Blender itself and access information about current Blender scenes, and it has built-in support for the Blender API, so package names, etc, are auto-completed.

I’d definitely be interested to know what some of the selling points of the others are also.

Vim ftw