Python in the Game Engine

I’ve been searching for hours and I really can’t find any useful info about writing scripts for in the Game Engine. As far as i can tell the BPy Doc Browser doesn’t contain info about the BGE functions, nor is the Interactive Console any help. I’ve read most of what is on BlenderPython (great stuff) but it’s largely unrelated to the BGE.

Hell, I can get my cube to move about the screen in normal modelling mode through python, but getting it to move in the BGE seems to be an entirely different matter. I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction, a (short) tutorialor maybe some hidden command that is extremely useful (like the dir() function for normal Blender Python). Anything to get myself acquainted to the BGE.

Thanks for putting up with me.:confused:

p.s. Sorry but there doesn’t seem to be a support forum for the GE or Python…

well i found my own answer it would appear. and the “print dir()” works great, yay for me!


lol good job!=D… ya blendenzos sites got some really good tutorials