Python IPO Drivers

Hi All,
I would like to use the equivalent of After Effects Expressions in Blender, which I understand is IPO divers.
I cannot find any examples of how to do this.

For example, say I wont an object to rotate around it’s y axis, driven by a sine wave, so the object would rotate one way, then back again, then continue repeating this. (I know I could just keyframe it and set blender to repeat the curve)

After Effects expression would be like this:
That would be placed in the Y rotation channel, time being current frame in decimal seconds.

I have even seen a suggestion here on the forums that this sort of thing cannot be done, but the post was a few years old.

Any suggestions, places to find examples of this sort.

Here’s the manual page:

I’m currently using pydrivers to do bone deformations for my current rig, they work great in principle, but I’ve run into a possible bug scenario – see this post.

It’ be interesting to see if you get similar effects – are you in WinXP?

This tutorial page has some good examples of pydriver usage – it helped me a lot to get started.


Better research is the key, just found that as you posted. Thanks for your help.