Python / MacBook Pro

my PowerBook G4 just died at age 3 and a half :(:(:(:frowning: (motherboard i think… went to power it up at the airport yesterday… hit the button, chime started to sound but didn’t finish, something made a fizzing noise… always good…)

i need a laptop for school, so my dad helped me get a new MacBook Pro (i only have to give up Christmas and birthdays until i’m 50).
i haven’t set up Blender for a bit, and I noticed that the download page has listed, Mac OS X Intel Python 2.3, 10.4 (9.0 MB)”.

does this mean i need to have Python 2.3, or can i use 2.4?

No, you should be able to run blender with python 2.4, or even 2.5 (available as universal binaries. )

You could compile your own python 2.4 blender if you are brave enough :smiley:

Are you sure it’s not harddrive failure?

mpan3, for me, blender has never compiled on Mac, and I never understood why.

yeah troubleshoot a bit before you chuck away a Powerbook:

If the computers boots and you see a POST screen (BIOS?) then your CPU, RAM and mobo is fine, probably just the harddrive. But it could be a lot worth if you are not getting anything when you press the power button. Or maybe your battery blew up like some of the newer macbooks :smiley:

me have no idea how to build under osx, sorry to get your hopes up but i don’t even know what build sytem they uses… make?

Huh? Not what I was told just a few days ago here and on the forum. OS X 10.4.8 comes with Python 2.3 and the only Intel builds of Blender I’ve been able to find all use Python 2.3. There is a PPC build of Blender that is for Python 2.4, but none for Intel. Yes, you can compile your own Blender using a more recent version of Python, but from what I was told, installing and re-directing to the newer Python is not for the faint of heart.

I’m no expert, but this was the common thread from about a half dozen “experts” and devs so I’m inclined to believe it.

thanks for all the quick responses… i’ll probably stick with 2.3 since i don’t have much time to mess with it…

as for “troubleshooting”, there’s nothing to troubleshoot. i actually know what i’m doing when it comes to hardware, so yeah…

i just hope the Apple store can transfer the data tomy new computer before I leave town on Sunday.

thanks again

they all work, you just have to compile it for whatever, though default right now is 2.3 I had it running on 2.4 for a while