Python newbie help

Err, how do you use Python with blender. I mean i was following a tutorial that had to use a Python script and it said to activate the script by press alt-p in the window where the script was but nothing happend when I did so i am guessing i did somethign wrong. :frowning:

did it display an error in the console window?


It displayed no error it just didn’t do anything. It showed a picture in the tutorial of how the window should look after it was activated but i couldn’t get it to do that.

Do you have python installed? You do need it installed on your machine to run. Hope I’m not being obvious, but if you are a newbie, this can be overlooked.

Try going here for a download of the latest python installation:

If you are using windows, the auto installation is the way to go. If Blender does not detect where Python is located (usually c:python22) then you can “pull down” the top of the blender window to reveal the settings window ( where you can also set how often Blender should do an auto save and how many auto saves to keep-thought, if you’re a newbie, you may want to know that) and under “Python” you can enter the location of your installation and Blender should work.

Hope that wasn’t too newbie-ish, just want to help.


You are not necesarely obliged to have python installed. Some script can run as is in the Blender interpreter. For the others, I suggest you use Python 2.01 (NOT 2.21) since the Blender API is based on the 2.0 series, so it would be most compatible with it.

Also, about typing the PythonPath in the Blender Info window, you need to enter the path to the /Lib directory in the Python distro, not just the Python directory.


Man this is frustrating, i appreciate the help you guys are giving me but i still can’t get this to work. I have used Blender for a while now so i am pretty familiar with Blender it is that i have never worked with or had tried Python before. I downloaded Python 2.21 and installed it put the path in like you guys said but still can’t run any scripts :frowning: Although theeth i am not sure where you mean when you said i need to type in the python path in the /lib in the python distro?

I was talking about what Ingie said on typing the path in Blender. You need to type in the path to the /Python22/Lib directory, not just /python22

if you installed in the default folder, it would be c:/Python22/lib/


Ah right on that was it theeth, i needed to add the /lib on the end, it works good now and thanks alot for your guys help. The only thing i may ask now is, is there a way of saving the path to the python directory, because so far i have to put it in everytime i start up Blender.?

After you entered the path, press Ctrl-U and the path will be saved.

Ah perfect thanks! :smiley: