Python operator to call "existing tabs and panels " as menu?

Hi all,
Inside the N-Panel ,there are 3 tabs Item, tool, View.

Can i make an operator to call the tool panel and draw it in the view3D?

Same thing for the property panel,
can i call the render property panel in the view3D and draw it there?

I have added myself a new tab and once successfully registered i can use an operator to call it from my view, without change the layout .
Can i do it too with the other panels and tabs?

Here my tab , as part of the layout and called as a free panel in my view3D
CALL a panel

yep, you can do this with the call_menu and call_panel operators. note that you cannot use call_menu with a class that inherits from bpy.types.Panel, and vice versa.



Thanks man, thats exactly how i call my panels and menu, but how can i find the name of the property panels or the toolsetting from the ui ?
hovering on a label dont show any extra info, have you any clue ?
I add a screen of the toolsetting of the ui.
and would be great also get the property panels tab…

Oh, I see what you’re asking. There’s no ‘easy’ way to find it, but it’s not that difficult either. What I usually do is find a property in the panel and then right click->edit source. from there I can scroll up in the script until I see the class definition.

for example, I opened up the screen space reflections panel for EEVEE and right clicked on the “Refractions” property to get the source you see here, so I know the panel I clicked on is RENDER_PT_eevee_screen_space_reflections

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Ooook , thanks man ,
thats pretty hard for me XD
i have done some tests and i get only errors XD
But i am Pretty sure you got it right
i will try more tomorrow,
Thanks man