Python path giving me probs.

I’m having problems getting srcipts to work blender. I set the pythonpath variable in the environment tab just like in the sticky above. I did change “python20” to “python22” because I have 2.2.

I’m using windows xp and Blender 2.37a, and trying to use ter2blend scripts.

When I run the script it runs fine till i click “Draw”. Then the script shuts down and says “check console bla bla bla…”.
In the user defaults or whatever I set the path to C:\Python22\Libs\ because thats where i have python at…
So…whats up with this? :-?

Doesnt that version of blender require 2.3?


yep, and blender 2.40 will need python 2.4.x

Luckily, you can install several versions of python together (at least, I have, and havent had any problems).


Well, it started working (I don’t know why.) Thanks for attempting to help me! :smiley: