Python / PHP tutorials?

Anyone know where to find a good beginner’s python-php tutorial?

Well, I don’t know about PHP, but the python package I dowloaded has a very helpful walkthru tutorial. Install Python and then run “Python Manuals.” the tutorial will the in the top lefthand corner of the main browse section area.
It covers most of the basic functions, programing techniques, and an overview of the standard libraries. Really great for starting out if you want to program Blender extensions.

Python-PHP? Is there such a thing? There is python, and PHP, and some things may ask for python/php, as one or the other. It’s also possible that you could run python code from php, as you could run any other program.

If you were having php write to a database (mySQL), then you could read the database with the python SQL module (I don’t think its a standard include with python, though).