python problem biiig!!!!

hey guys i start blender and it says there is no python found im sorta sure python is installed cause im using panda3d how can i fix this problem i need to run a python script for an exporter to the .egg file format from blender:no::eek:

Well hello there. What’s your operating system? What was the exact text of the error message? Do you know how to check whether Python is actually installed?

First of all, you need a new version of Python, then Blender needs to be able to find it.

We need to know what OS (as was mentioned) you are using. But, most (if not all) Linux distros come with Python, updating that should not be a problem. For Windows test it like this, open your command prompt:

Start–> run
in the run dialog box type “cmd”

when the new console window opens type “Python” press enter.

If you have python properly installed then the python interpreter should start and it will display the version number that you have running.

If python does not start, then your path is not properly set in the Windows environment variables. Check Panda3D’s site (forum) or the documentation, I’m pretty sure there is a step-by-step for getting Python setup correctly.

If you are on a Mac, I have no idea what to do. I always crash those things.
Of course the easiest solution is to install a Python again, and ignore the one packed in with Panda3D, its not big it won’t hurt to have two installed.