Python Problem

This question has probably been asked before, but whenever I save a runtime and then try to open it, it says

          'This application has failed to start because python24.dll was not found.'

So where do I get that?

Your asking in the wrong forum. This is a Game Engine question, and it should be asked in the Game Engine forum. (for future refference)

You can find both python24.dll and SDL.dll in the directory where blender is installed (if you don’t know where that is, or you just can’t find it on your system, do a system wide search for it, and it should pop-up.)

You need the two aforementioned .dll files in the same directory as your standalone binary, in order for it to run. Just copy paste them to the directory where your standalone resides.

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I saw the word Python, and I had a Python problem, so I figured this would be the place.

I didn’t know that the two .dll files had to be in the same folder as the runtime, so of course that fixed it.