Python program into linux and mac os executable?

A while ago I learned python and I also found Py2exe to convert the python files into a windows executable. But now I want to make the python program available for Linux and Max OSX, but how can I make an executable for these os’s?

I know python can be opened into linux and mac osx as a py file, but we don’t want to release the source, but in exe files or standalones.

I look forwards to an answere. :smiley:

Just compress the files in pyc files (“import” them in a python shell to create a pyc file). PYC files are binary compressed (actually, they are the actual bytecode of the module as Python uses them internally) so that should be private enough for you.


Yes, but how can I turn them in stand alones for Linux and Mac osx without having to install python on that machine? Is there a Py2exe thingy for mac and linux? or can I create a standalone with python itself?

If you take a look at the game engine forum, a friend of my made a Blender share program and we want to make available for Linux and Mac os without having to install python. :smiley:

osx and linux usualy already have python installed.
This should answer your question.

So, if someone has Mac Osx or Linux on his computer installed, the os already contains python?
The idea behind this to great standalones was, if someone didn’t have python to run easely. :smiley: