python program

I did not know if this should go in the off topic or python so i just put it here.
so through out all the posts (that i have seen) there is not many projects like team projects for python so I think a bunch of people should get together and make something that is more python than it is blender for example some kind of program that incorporates blender in it but is still mainly python like maybe some kind of desktop gadget or even a paint like program, i dont know so throw some ideas at me if anyone is intrested if not than to bad

anyone can join either if they want to learn python or improve there skills and we can just make small batches of code and throw them together for a final result

oh and if your just going to be negative can you just spare me and just go do something else thank you

hello is anyone intrested in this

Hmm, i don’t think any project is going to be begun without a real need for it, there’s no point in inventing the wheel if you aren’t going anywhere.

yeah then why does blender forum exist, why does any one do anything, people don’t play blender games, people don’t need it, but why not just have fun making it, and have a cool program. we don’t need to use it so hmm you can get your wheel and role some where else that is not in this thread.

you know what would be a nice software package, a internet tracker in blenders type UI

with this reply I would straight away ask if there is any good available at the moment and if there is which one it would be but what I am thinking of is something like a little window, you open and tells you what information is going to your internet cable to which computer or address and the possibility to block certain links and see what information is going there and who it is and… you know what I mean,

I am learning python and thought this was a good idea to implement but I don’t have the slightest clue how to do this (yet)


I think the primary purpose of this forum is for people to practice their punctuation and grammar skills.

Geez, calm down please. Sorry. This kind of thing sounds like a personal project, group projects are hard enough to organize by themselves, much less group projects used to learn coding. Sorry, I missed the thing about negativity, the post just seems a little unrealistic.

This thread is for people wanting to learn and get a better understanding of python and how it works with blender so unless you are interested in it for good purposes, can you not post snotty remarks.

Thank you.

I really dont care about your opinion it does not bother me at all if you just say it is going to fail. Oh and you think this forum was made for “punctuation and grammar” not for individuals wanting to learn blender or make art, So what if my writing is sloppy why don’t you crucify me. What i am trying to say is I don’t care ok.If you are not going to say anything nice do not say anything at all. Hewi thank for being the only one that knows how to read that is a great idea I respect you for wanting to learn and a good tutorial for starting internet\online kind of stuff is - - it is pretty straight foward and teaches you the basics.

So cairn, did you actually read my post?!

It was constructive, supportive and a good lead but you seem more interested/occupied by the ‘snotty’ remarks…

What do you think of my idea?

sorry but there are more snotty remarks than good ones like yours but i think your idea is good and I did read your post and you said you didnt know how to do it so I gave you a link to get started with web stuff but yeah you have a good idea. I kinda know what you mean could you just explain a tiny bit more on what you mean and sorry for not replying.

is something like surflogger what you mean

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cairn1, just one remark I would like to make, if you don’e want a dog barking, pay no attention to it, if you respond, if you reply, they are rewarded for their bad behavior and they will keep doing it, same for silly replies, ignore, ignore, ignore, they will give up, promise

Now, another thing, ‘surflogger’ is a Internet explorer applet, bad things happen when you are still using internet explorer as your web-browser, so change is a good idea but hey, don’t discuss taste. So no, it is nothing like surflogger cause of the browser interface, surf loger is more of a history thing that remebers where you have been. What I mean is a sole standing program which just looks at the traffic going through your internet cable, or modem (if you go wireless), cause not all info that goes from your computer is stuff that is requested or sent by browsers. It should be software that tracks if someone, from outer space if you wish, tries to enter your computer, if he is not close, he needs to do it through this cable thing and the the program would allert and say: watch out, information is being sent to this address without your permission. See?

It is more something like “netlimiter”

That is so bad ass and we could like do it in wxpython or tkinter wich ever you prefer,and did you look at that tutorial?

it would be really hard though I am sure you are aware of that.

I’d prefer wx python, cause I already have (some) experience with that

and I am reading the tutorial as we speak. and also

Now if you want to design a program like this, isn’t it a good idea to have like the architecture written out and planning done properly? how would you work this?
And most likely field study and software research would also be a good idea?

Where do I (we) start?

Awesome, thanks for the tutorial and I was researching it and this is a good site if you trust wiki

and you dont need to know all of this but it does help understanding this kind of stuff jus skim over it.

What does it mean “need” something?

Most, if not all things fall under the “want” category, and if a few people want to do it that is enough.

Also reinventing the wheel can be fun as hell.