Python programming environment

This may be a dumb question but,

Which is the best python programming environment?

What are the options?


Do you mean for coding and debugging within blender specifically or in general?

both within blender and generally

Within Blender, I’ve seen people post online that they use SPE, but I wasn’t able to get it working. With some of the new features (especially in 2.5) I just use the editor in Blender. There’s no debugging, but it theres a console in Blender now which is just sick.

Oh, and generally I have friends who use QT and love it but I’m not an expert. Also, I think its expensive?

I use IDLE and Eclipse

Also, what is VERY nice, is that if you open a py file in the Blender text editor, while editing say in IDLE, when you save in IDLE, Blender will notice and the text editor will prompt you to refresh, so you always know when your local copy gets out of date. Thank you devs <3 for that great recent feature!

I’ve posted something here about what I use:

Eclipse for primary development and Blender for debugging and tweaking. Although Eclipse isn’t as good with Python as some other editors I’ve used I like using it between OS platforms and languages.
Also sometimes I like just a fast good old fashioned text editor with syntax coloring such as gedit :wink:

would anybody recommend netbeans for python?

I like to use notepad++, especially since it’s available as a portable version.

What do you mean “portable”

I like to use Kdevelop or Kate for all my programming needs, python and otherwise.

@tmcthree: I don’t know what OS you use, for Windows programms it mean’s “you don’t have to install it”. For example you can put portable apps on an USB stick and use them on any other windows machine without installing anything. I usually just keep them on the harddrive, but since it makes them easier to backup and saves a lot of time if I have to reinstall windows again and don’t have to reinstall every programm again, I use portable apps whenever I can.

notepad++ portable (windows) download link:

take a look at for SPE.
you also need Wxpython .
SPE is my favoured editor as you can load it up inside blender.