Python programming tutorials

Sorry if this is a lame quesiton.

I know C / C++ fairly well and I would really like to learn Python. Does anyone have a suggestion on books / tutorials? In addition, how close to C is Python.

Thanks for your help!


Tutorials, docs and other goodies at

If you have done some C++, Python is not at all scary. does a good job at showing the strengths of Python to an experienced programmer, coming from e.g. c or c++.

( probably links to that too but just wanted to highlite, as found it a nice read and appropriate for this need)


Thanks so much! I just bought a book and I am browsing those links.


Here’s a good start right here in this forum:

This is the list of links to python docs and tutorials.

Dive into python is good. I also like these columns by Mertz:

This Python Cookbook is very good. This site has the various recipes but not quite in the depth explanations of the cookbook: