python proposal......please read

after looking around the inter net i went to the lightwave site where i found this post
its about normal mapping for low poly models to look like hi res ones from all angles.

I was wondering if it is possible to either rewrite this scipt in python or bakwards egineer it into python as it would revolutionalise blender game quality.


Can only do this kind of fun stuff in the c code. Would be a nice addition! Although the coders should work on

  1. getting the engine working right in open blender, and
  2. getting the engine to be more efficient and fast enough that expanding its capabilities wont slow it down to a crawl.

What about (erwin’s?) python reflection mapping demo? I think it did some stuff with the face normals using python.

the normal map is the normals per pixel

the python environment mapping thing you refrence worked with the vertex normals.

(bumpmapping is not possible without a change in code)

One of the improvements I would like to see in Blender Game Engine, is culling. It seems to me that would be a big improvement. If any of you coders are listening, it seems sometimes the game engine is moving very slow, but I certainly appreciate all your efforts to improve it. Thanks.

The NDN…

P.S. I think I may need some help with some python scripts for my game.
I really wanted to complete them by myself, but I feel I have exhausted all my approaches I dont know a whole lot. I have been trying to learn, and continue to do so, but am getting impatient a bit.

Here is one game I am working, This exe. is about 2 months old, but will give an idea of what I am doing. This game has been refined much since, and I have spent the last month creating the landscapes and all of the static objects on the diffferent MAPS or LEVELS.