python question

where would I need to go first to learn python for blender. If I went to pyhthon official site and learned the syntax is this gonna be the same commands I use in blender, or is there just blender specific commands that I need to learn. I dont want to learn the whole python language, just the python
I need for blender.

I learned python for blende by learning normal python. Then it’s more easy to learn python for blender :wink:

I would recommend this book for learning python:

I just picked it up the other day, and I’ve found it to be phenomenal.



You can use every bit of python in Blender 2.34, so you want to learn to use everthing!

thanks. I started a beginners course in python using IDLE. Then i found out the text window compiler with alt-p is the same except that its noninteractive, unlike IDLE. I was doing basic math and strings and seeing the rsult in the command window, very cool! You say all python is integrated into blender, so any program I do in python will run in blender? Example: I found an mp3 player python script called Eda i believe, if i cut and paste this code in blender will it run, or am i only able to use all python commands in conjunction with the blender gamelogic commands?

Yup you sure can, the problem its a lib, everyone else needs the lib

Like you can run pygame in blender GE… So ^_- maybe sameday when we get really bord you can just have a blender data bank while running pygame and pyOpengl and just translate data

That’s cool that you can run every python program in blender. That means I can integrate my tar.gz archiver in my game to upload things or even extract things when playing fake streaming. :o Cool I try that. :stuck_out_tongue: