Python question

Is it possible for an object to send a message and another object’s python script pick it up and be able to tell what object sent it, assign the object’s name to a variable, and use that to find the location of it?
Using logic bricks to send the message and python to do the rest.

Edit: If noone knows how to do this, then how do you script a message actuator? I can’t find anything myself.

I took a look here:

It shows how to access a sensor in python and if you click on “KX_NetworkMessageSensor” you can see how to read a message. It seems you can’t find out who send the message, but you could include the name of the sender in the message.

On the same webpage you can also read how to set a messageactuator from python to send a message.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! :smiley: That was just what I was looking for. I’ll try it.