Python Questions

  1. I’m using 2.49b on XP pro. Do I still need to install Python 2.6
    to run externial scripts?

  2. If python 2.6 is required, can I install it into a “Program Folder”?
    I really do not want to install it into the root “C” directory.
    Or does it have to install into the root c dir?

  3. I read somewhere that a “Environment Path” has to be set for python?
    There is no information in the Blender install notes for this!
    Will the path change according to the directory installed?

I was hoping to get this done this weekend.
Can anyone help please?
Thank you.

IF you install from the installer and in the root directory you won’t need to change the environment variables (that’s mainly only if you have multiple python versions)

Thanks for the reply.
And that would be the version x86 MSI 2.6.4 installer(blender asking for the 2.6.2v)?
First time trying this! Been learning blender for some months now. Figured I’d give python a try.
And using this installer…There’s no need to set environment paths…yes?

Also…should I uninstall blender first, then install Py2.6.4…then reinstall blender?
I have seen suggestions to do so.
Thanks again…

No you shouldn’t. Just exit blender and install. The console should say it found python version xxx installed :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help on this.
This is the first time with python using blender…was a bit confusing.