Python quit working

(wolfmanyoda) #1

I had to reformat my hard drive, and now I’ve forgoten how to get python and blender to work happily.
I have blender 2.22 and python 2.1.
I installed them both, but I can’t get any scripts to work.
Did I forget something? Maybe some path to set?

(Schlops) #2
If you use WinXP or Win 2000 set the PYTHONPATH-variable somewhere else (don’t no where, I don’t use XP/2000), not in your autoexec.bat.

(wolfmanyoda) #3

I do have a dual boot setup with 98 and 2000, but I use blender under 98.
I wonder if the dual boot has something to do with it :frowning:

(wolfmanyoda) #4

OK, got my scripts working!
But…if I can find another way to do this, I’ll be very hapy. Here’s what happened:

When I installed win2K as a second OS, it changed my autoexec.bat and config.sys to autoexec.pss and config.pss, I don’t know why.
Anyway, I set my python path in my autoexec and switched it’s extension back to .bat…presto!!! Python scripts work!!
But win2K will not boot now.
I haven’t tried it yet, but I think that if I just change the extenstion back to .pss it will work…but then I’ll have to change it yet again to use scripts under win98.
Any thoughts on how to set the path without using autoexec?

(Schlops) #5

Uh, no Windows here, only Linux. But IIRC you can create a batch-file in your blender-directory (e.g. C:\Blender) named e.g. runblend.bat containing the following:


start blender.exe

The PYTHONPATH-variable here is just an example, set it as in your autoexec.bat


(wolfmanyoda) #6

Thanks, I was gonna try a batch file, but first I thought I’d try out the Repair feature on my win2k disc.
It worked, and it didn’t mess up my python this time, so now I’ve got my cake and I can eat it too :slight_smile: