Python -> Resume/Suspend/Add Background Scene


taken from the Scene Actuator, is that possible to do the followings in Python :

  • Resume Scene
  • Suspend Scene
  • Remove Scene
  • Add Background Scene
  • Add Overlay Scene
  • Set Camera OK

cur = Scene.getCurrent() # get current scene

  • Set Scene (I’ve read that it would be available soon? By Moguri maybe?)
  • Restart

Thank you

Aside from the camera, I can’t think of a way to do those things without using an actuator.

Thank you.
Is that possible to make that request somewhere?

It would be very useful to store all Hud/skyboxes scenes in a dedicated .blend, and load it at runtime.
Now we need 3 actuators if we need 3 different background/overlay scenes (sky, clouds, hud) :
1 actuator that is set 3 times with Python isn’t enough, because it just sets one background scene 3 times.