Python: RGB color table available ?

Hi, trying to access the colors into a script, i’m a bit lost:

# create new image texture"texture_name", width=1024, height=1024, color=(0, 1.01594e-42, 1.79086e-42, 1.4013e-45),
 alpha=True, uv_test_grid=False, float=False)

as you see, the new image will have a strange writing ! (for me)
it’s ARGB coordinate, but how to find a color table or a tool to get immediately the right code for a color ?

Values of about 1.79086e-42 or less are almost 0. I guess Blender shows these due to the OLD problems of imprecission in BLENDER. Therefore, in your example, you should have a solid BLACK color with no transparency (as Alpha = 0). To getting a table of RGB codes, google arround for any kind of such a table that may include a visualisation and a copy/past tool too :wink:


Thanks Abidos
i didn’t really understand this way of writing color code, but as i know, 0 > 1 is the “normal way” of doing!

anyway, i found a lot of tools giving me the RGB value, but no one to get a copy/paste of the 4 values: alpha and rgb, together into a line of code…
i’m not leasy, but i dream a bit maybe…if you know a free tool for that…(under linux please)

thanks for your answer…

Some RGB web tools with easy copy-function in DECIMAL format:


For the alpha value - add it manually as it is characteristic to BLENDER, not used in webs broadly.

Two tools with ALPHA suppoer here (but not for LINUX):

RGB with Opacity to Hex Tool