Python Running Script Twice...


I have a bit of a problem,

If you take a look at the attached picture, you can see my setup.

I have it set up that when you click a certain object (a cube in this case) it runs my program which in turn launches an external program or file.

This all works fine, my program launches, which launches the remote file, but the problem is that the python code that runs my program (shown in the image) runs twice, so i get 2 notepads or whatever file i have chosen to open. I think that the python code is fine (i know that i dont need that If statment, but that was just for my debugging) and it is just the fact that it is being run twice (presumably by the logic bricks), you can see the output of the code in the command prompt window in the image attached.

I have been working on this for a fair old while now so any help would be greatly appreciated.




I have just managed to get this to work!!!

Thank God…

I found out that the sensors were sending a negative and a positive trigger to execute the code, so all i have doe is filter out the negative trigger.