Python Script ?? Avi to plane..visible while modeling??

Hello all !! New to Blender… Thanks to anyone related to its developement, Its a great program… very useful. Does anyone know if a python script exists that would alow me to apply a avi file as a texture to a plane so that it is visible while im modelling…sort of like the backround image…but so it would also update on a frame by frame basis when I advance frames…all without rendering ?? I think this would be very useful, in allowing me to increase the accuracy of my animations by matching them up to real video…the image doesnt have to be great …but visible without rendering say in texture mode… anyway if anyone knows of such a script and where it might be located please let me know, Thanks. of course if it doesnt exist…maybe someone who is adept at scripting might take a crack at it ?? It would really be apreciated. :smiley: