Python Script doesn't work after exporting as runtime .app


I’m experimenting with communication between blender game and external software using OSC.
At the moment i have a blender project with python script that receives OSC messages and open frameworks app that sends OSC messages.
As you move your mouse one open frameworks app cube in blender game moves left or right.

It all works fine, but when I export it as runtime it does not respond to OSC messages.

Any clues what could be going wrong? I’ve spend quite some time looking for an answer to this problem. It seems that quite a lot of people are having trouble with python scripts not working properly once exported as runtime.

Please find blender project and open frameworks app that sends OSC attached.

Thank you! (6.19 MB)

open in the terminal (cmd or whatever) the runtime file to debug and see the error:

in linux
$ ./your_binary_file

in windows (I think)

and see the result of debugging mode.

You have to ensure that external python scripts is in the same folder of binary file (or you need to control the python source path by the system root, like c:\windows\blah\blah\python_scripts).

to debug the runtime in osx is the same of linux:

$ ./yourpath/game/runtime

you need to open the terminal and exec that code in command line.

what error does the console tell you?