Python Script Error:Check Console? Help!

Hi, I have been using Blender and when I go to export something I made, As a .OBJ file, It will give me “Python Script Error:Check Console”. The Cosole says: traceback <most recent call last>:
File “<string>”, line 149, bevent
UnboundLocalError: Local Variable ‘temp’ referred before assignment

I have no clue what to do? Anyone ever get this before? If so can you please explain “newbie style” how to fix it. Im a newb so I dont know alot.


There’s a problem with the script. I get the same error. I think Blender has the scripts built in because I can’t see them inside the application package - I’m not sure if that’s new since last time.

Anyway, the OBJ export script can be found here:
or a direct link is

The problem with the export script is that in line 149, the line is tabulated one space too far to the left. This makes the temp variable out of scope to the export_obj(temp) call.

To fix it, go to line 149 and tab the line that says export_obj(temp) one space to the right. You might want to save the file like that so just do file->save to overwrite. To run this, just do alt-p and you can export your obj.

I don’t use that OBJ import/export script. I use the one found here:

I’ve used this under Windows and OSX successfully.