Python Script Error

Im, new to blender and oll of this. I was watching some youtube videos that used blender along with voodoo. I decided to try doing some my self. For the last week or so iI’v been searching the interwebs for an answer as to why i get the “python script error check console now”. I have learned as to why i get it but not on how to fix it, and almost none of them were about Blender 2.62. I have Windows 32 bit, blender 2.62, and voodoo 1.1.0. I think i need to install python 3.2 for Blender 2.62 (i might be totally off). I just want it fixed so i can actually use blender for what i want!

Python is a scripting language, Blender has it’s own interpreter and there is no need to install extra components to use python inside blender.

maybe you can follow some tutorials to better understand how this works, also keep in mind that the APIs may vary ( this happens relatively frequently ) and there are some basic difference from the past regarding the user interaction and how to run your script.

I suggest to follow only tutorials that have been made with the 2.6x series to avoid confusion.

I know it has some python build in. I guess my problem is that Voodoo exports Python script that uses terms that Blender dosent recognise as valid. I kneed to know what to change.

Well, i decided to throw the old script into blender 2.49 and it worked. So i saved it as a .blend and threw it into 2.62 and proceded from there. Wish there was a way to do it without 2.49…

Wish there was a way to do it without 2.49…

You can’t use old scripts in 2.5+. There’s a Voodoo addon that comes with 2.5, you should try and see if that works for you.

Are you saying it works with 2.5 or it is built in? I found this in my hours of research. This shows up where when installed?

Are you saying it works with 2.5 or it is built in?

It comes with 2.5 but it is not enabled by default. You can find it under “User Preferences->Addons->Import/Export: Import Voodoo Camera”. “Testing” must be active under “Supported Level” (on the left) for it to show up in the list, though. (Tick the little box on the right to enable it)